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Alzheimer, Parkinson, Diabetes
Pain Management,
Multiple Sclerosis...

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Like many Start-ups, Domiconus is not yet profitable.
We exist thanks to our investors, our own funds and thanks to YOU who believe in our work and share our hopes.
We are not researchers and we do not develop any medicine.
the company
However, we participate in the development of new therapies by providing scientists from all over the world with a rare and powerful raw material: Marine cone venom.
Research has already allowed the launch ofn the drugs market of a powerful painkiller without addiction nor tolerance, derived from the venom of a marine cone, Conus magus.
Our venoms inspire scientists and allow us to believe in the development of new treatments, more effective and better tolerated.
Take part in this great adventure
and keep a souvenir :
Buy a decorative shell
for a minimum of 25€.
You can of course find it much cheaper elsewhere. The idea here is to materialize your participation in the development of our company and to thank you with more than just words.