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More than a business, a
great story
Domiconus is first and for most, a human adventure.
We are proud of our achievements and excited for our future.
DOMICONUS is a story of passionates men and women.
We can't wait to participate in your discovery processes.
Dominique FLOTA
First European cone snails venom library
Created in 2017 by Dominique FLOTA and associates, our start-up focuses exclusively on collecting marine cones venoms for scientific purposes.
Our goal: providing rare marine cones venoms venoms for research laboratories.
Scientists, Veterinary, Doctors... members are all committed for long time in medical research.
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Why Cone snail ?
Rare and extremely powerful, cone snail venom is one of the most promising reservoir of bioactive compounds.
Conotoxin refers to toxins that can be found by hundreds in each singular marine cone snail venom.
Each of these single molecules are active on a specific biological target and dozens of them are studied by scientists for medical applications. Each venom is made up of several hundred different toxins called conotoxins, each of them being active on a biological target.
Some conotoxins are very promising since they inhibit the transmission of the pain messages in a very effective way without causing the side effects generated by more conventional painkillers.